Saturday, January 29, 2005

be yourself...

do what you want to do, and be what you want to be....but...don't forget that there are ppl who care about you, and you care about...hurt yourself, don't hurt them...but, if you hurt yourself, you will hurt them cuz you are hurt..because u r hurt, then they will be hurt, and both will be hurt finaly....what is my point? what am I talking about? ...damn...what the #*$%@ I am talking about? don't know, and don't want to know...better get my ass to the bed, and go to sleep...tomorrow is another day...everything will be fine...the world is still so beautiful...haha!! deep, two, three....I need some fresh air....

Thursday, January 27, 2005


today is my first day of class..but I have evening class...a new semester officially started..hehe!! since I go to school so often even during the break I almost don't feel that I am in vacation..hehe!! I must love school or something else..hehe!!!

I guess this vacation is my best vacation that I ever had so far...made a lot of new friends, and all of them are so nice, and so talentive..hehe...they give me a family feeling...well, it's so many thing that I can say about them that don't know what to write...I just know they are fantastic ppl in my life..hehe

Went to San Francisco, and else do you want..hehe!! both places are different than NY...those places are so relax...make you lazy..hehe!!

hang out, party a feel I never done so many things in my life..hehe!! it had been a busy vacation...but with lots of joy and fun...

New semester...although I have only evening classes..but will be working in school for 2 days, and weekend during the day time...and plus, still looking for job for other 3 days that I am free...and planning how I can hang out with my friends...hehe!! if I do get a job...then it will be a busy semester again...hehe!!

I have to keep swimming, studying, hanging out with friends, loving, eating, sleeping...hehe!!! just keep my life least, so far so good..althou things have happened in it..hehe!!but they happened for my good..hehe...God knows what is happening....

another cold day...keep warm...20-6 degree F, wind chill N 28 mph.....Gezzzzzz

I stayed there until late...hehe..and ppl are leaving...happy happy....and there were a handsome boy who skate so well...hehe!!!  Posted by Hello

that's my first time ice skating...had so much fun...hehe!! but the rink has many whole..and fell once...^^ Posted by Hello

Monday, January 24, 2005

a very beautiful bay in Hawaii....lots fished in that can do snokel..hehe!! it's call Hanauma Bay.... Posted by Hello

hehe!! Dory in the fish tank...haha!!! I was so excited when I saw it..cuz I know his name....hehe!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Gezz...first day after snow...first time to see ppl cleaning the subway track..hehe!! but today's subway worked in a terrible function...7 train doesn't run from Time Square to Grand Central..had to take shuttle...and N train doesn't run from Queensborough to Manhattan...haha!! but the feeling to see everywhere white is still exciting...want to go to central park again... Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 22, 2005

haha...look at our happy faces...really enjoying our lao da's birthday...hehe!! I hope my birthday I can stay with you guys..555..but I can't Posted by Hello

as always..we are partying...hehe!!! Posted by Hello

Another Snow day in the same city

Hehe...remembering my first day of snow in NY was some day in December 2002. When I woke up that day...outside was all white....OH GOD..!! I was so so so happy...that I didn't even care ppl say that outside is too cold and it's dangerous cuz it's too much snow outside..hehe!! it's not easy to commute... then I went out in a heavy snowing day like this to Central take my first snow shots...hehe!! How happy was that moment...

After 3 a winter day...have nothing to do, woke up and it's all white's feeling is...damn...have nothing to do...can't go out anymore...hehe!!! that curiousity of snow is totally gone...don't love snow anymore?? don't enjoy snowing day anymore? hehe!! That used to be a such good day for me...hehe!!

My ability of getting use to thing is so fast?? Hehe..then what about me with ppl?? But I really enjoying with my recent known friends...Whenver we go out...I don't have that complicate feelings, then really feel like the girls and boys are my close families... then I am exposuring little by little my life to all of them...I like to care about them, to know if they ate well, if they slept well, if they had a good day, hehe..and at the same time, the feeling that they are caring about me...Whenever at the end of each meeting, it's hard to say bye, even it's only going home to sleep, and we all live in the same city..hehe!!(that's sounds little exagerated)...I hope after 2 year, 5 years, 10 years, we can still keep in touch, we can still hang out like we used to do...we can still remember our group, our goals..our dreams...hehe!!!

Although I know that no matter what, ppl definitely can't stay together forever...of course our group is part of that process...but hope we can be an exception...^_^! ppl will be married, will have their kids..some will move out, some may do anything that they are trying to do...hehe!! that's obvious...but...right now, right this moment...I feel like I am really commicted to you guys..feel like I married to all of you...hehe!! haha!!! Gezzzz....I am so happy!! Just want all of you to matter what happen...I will always be you guys little sister, even I don't have much economic or experience support, but anything that I can do, I will always here...always you guys can count on me....

Love you all....

p.s I started talking about snow..then end up with my friendship...hehe!! Good...or not?

Friday, January 21, 2005

Por que es tan cruel el Amor

no me deja olvidar....

hehe!!! super tonto...why why why...?? some times you makes me happy, and some times you upset me...but...when I can understand what do you want?? what should I do? I feel so lost in your world... really!!! is a very nice day...I like clouds on the sky...little cold...a winter feeling...a homesick feeling...I miss something...something that I don't know what is complicated...

Monday, January 17, 2005


鸭梨南北杏瘦肉汤     用料: 新鲜鸭嘴梨三个,瘦肉十两(约四百克),南北杏共一两(约四十克),花生油,盐各少许,清水十二碗     做法: (1) 鸭嘴梨洗净,去皮除心;南北杏洗净,瘦肉原块洗净备用. (2) 烧滚清水,下猪肉、梨和杏仁,旺火烧至大滚,改中火以至文火,煲约二小时即成.     附注: 本汤可加油,盐调味,也可淡饮,

清爽润喉罗汉果瘦肉汤     用料: 大罗汉果四分之一个,猪腿精肉八两(约三百二十克),陈皮一小块,清水十碗     做法: (1) 陈皮浸透洗净,猪肉原块洗净 (2) 把清水,罗汉果和陈皮同放直身瓦煲内,旺火烧滚,然后下猪肉,再滚起改用文火煲约两小时即可.     附注: (1) 买罗汉果,要以颜色黑褐,有光泽,摇时不响者为佳 (2) 这个汤适合哮喘患者,因罗汉果有解热消暑,治咳化痰,促进肠胃机能和抑制哮喘的功能.

冬菇清汤     用料: 冬菇三两(约一百二十克),清水三杯,鸡精一粒半,葡萄酒一汤匙,生油一茶匙.     做法: (1) 将冬菇(又称香菇)洗净,放入大碗中加清水浸软,剪出菇蒂,与浸冬菇水同留用. (2) 把清水,冬菇同放锅内,加鸡精,生油和冬菇(连蒂)同烧滚,改用文火煲约半小时,离火稍温,淋下葡萄酒盖好,片刻即可.     附注: 如用日本香菇,

汤味更鲜青红萝卜猪肉汤     用料: 青萝卜一斤(约六百四十克),红萝卜四两(约一百六十克),蜜枣四个,猪腿精肉十两(约四百克),陈皮一小块,清水适量     做法: (1) 把萝卜去皮,切角块;猪肉原块洗净;陈皮浸软,洗净 (2) 把清水与陈皮同放直身瓦煲内,旺火烧滚,下全部原料,再滚起改用文火煲约三小时即可.     附注: (1) 购买煲汤萝卜,以粗壮身重,上圆下尖为好 (2) 这个汤有治肺燥,喉干,眼涩等食疗功能

脚栗子百合汤     【用料】新鲜鸡脚10只,猪手1只,百合50克(1两),鲜栗子肉250克(半斤),湘 莲子50克(1两)     【做法】*剥去鸡脚附著之黄衣,斩去趾骨,洗净,斩开两段,放落滚水中煮5分钟,取出过冷河。     *烧净猪手上之余毛,洗刮净,斩件,放落滚水中煮5分钟,取出过冷河。     *栗子肉用滚水烫过,去衣。     *洗净莲子,百合。     *把适量清水煲滚,放入鸡脚、猪手、栗子肉、莲子煲2小时,加入百合再煲半小时,下盐调味。

清补凉瘦肉汤     【用料】瘦肉250克(5两),生熟薏米10克(2钱),莲子5克(1钱),百合5克(1钱),淮生10克(2钱),玉 竹5克(1钱),茨实5克(1钱)。     【做法】*把瘦肉放落滚水中煮5分钟,取出洗净。     *洗净全部清补凉配料。     *把适量的请水煲滚,放入全部材料,煲3小时,汤成用盐、生 调适味即可。     【功效】此汤清甜滋补,有去湿开胃,除痰健肺等温和清凉功效,特别适宜身体瘦弱,虚不受补者饮用,是夏秋季节的合时汤水。清燥润

肺老鸽汤     用料:光鸽2只约500克、沙参20克、玉竹20克、麦冬15克、姜片5克、骨汤2000克、精盐少许。     制作:(1)将每只鸽斩成四大块,放进开水锅内焯过,洗去血水,沥干待用.     (2)将鸽肉和洗净沙参、玉竹、麦冬、姜片一同放进砂锅内,注入骨汤,加盖,用慢火煨约60分钟至肉熟汤浓,调味即成。     功效:滋阴益气,清热解毒,润肺养肺,生津润燥。

白菜干猪肺汤     [组成]猪肺120克,白菜干90克,蜜枣5个     [制法](1)将白菜干用清水浸软,切断,用开水略泡,去除涩味;蜜枣去核,洗净;猪费用清水反复蹊 径,切块,挤干水,再放入锅内爆干水分,取出再放入清水中漂洗净.(2)把全部用料一齐放入锅内 加适量清水,武火煮沸后,文火煮两小时, 调味即可.     [适应症]慢性支气管炎属燥热咳嗽者.症见咳嗽, 气喘,痰少而粘,微热口干,咽喉干燥,舌红.     [用法] 随量饮用

牛百叶萝卜汤     [组成]牛百叶500克,萝 L1000克,陈皮5克,精盐适量。     [制法]先将牛百叶放在开水中泡3分钟,取出刮去黑衣,洗净切碎,再将萝卜洗净切块,陈皮水浸去白,与牛百叶一同放入砂锅内,加水适量,用武火煮沸,再转用文火2小时,加精盐调味即成。     [适应症]润肺化痰,降气止咳。适用于肺燥咳嗽、咯痰不易、食少难消、咽干呛咳等。     [用法]佐餐食用。

沙参百合鸭汤     [组成]北沙参、百合各30克,肥鸭肉150克。     [制法]将北沙参、百合、鸭肉分别洗净,一同入锅,加水适量,先用武火烧沸,再用文火炖至鸭肉熟烂即成。     [适应症]养阴润肺,清热化痰。适用于肺热阴虚所致的咳嗽咯痰、口燥咽干、结核咳嗽等。     [用法]饮汤吃鸭肉。

百合鸡蛋汤     [组成]百合60克,鸡蛋2个。     [制法]先将百合洗净,再与洗净的鸡蛋一同入锅内,加水适量,煮至蛋熟,去蛋壳即成。     [适应症]适用于肺虚久咳。     [用法]日服1剂,饮汤,吃蛋和百合。

胡萝卜红枣汤     [组成]胡萝卜120克,红枣40克。     [制法]先将红枣洗净,浸泡2小时,再将胡萝卜洗净,与红枣一并放入砂锅内,加入清水,煮约l小时左右,以红枣熟烂为度。     [适应症]养阴益气,利气止咳。适用于气阴不足、肺气上逆所致的呛咳阵作、口干自汗、精神疲乏等症。     [用法]日服l剂,分早晚2次服用。

蜂蜜鸡蛋汤     [组成]蜂蜜35克,鸡蛋1个。     [制法]将蜂蜜加水300克煮开,打入鸡蛋,煮至微沸。     [适应症]润肺止咳。适用于肺燥干咳、久咳。     [用法]顿服,早晚空腹服用。

火腿鸡茸汤     用料: 鸡胸肉一大块,金华火腿八十克,鸡蛋一只,盐、胡椒粉、麻油各适量,清水六碗     做法: (1) 鸡胸肉洗净,蒸熟,撕成丝,刴茸,装碗;火腿切丝鸡茸与火腿同入砂锅,下清水,用文火煲约三十分钟;放入鸡蛋捣散成蛋花,加盐调味     附注: (1) 可去超市买急冻的鸡胸肉,以乳黄色或微红有透亮感为佳爱吃芫荽(香菜),葱者,可在汤煮好后加入同吃,汤味更美

羊肉清汤     用料: 羊肉六百克,冬笋三条,红头葱三根,姜二个,水八碗,盐一茶匙,酒一汤匙     做法: (1) 羊肉切块;冬笋去衣,取笋肉切角块;葱洗净,打结,姜拍裂羊肉入滚水汆过,捞出沥干清水用直身瓦煲烧滚,下材料及酒,加盖,旺火烧约十五分钟;改中火煲约三十分钟,再用文火煲至羊肉和笋均酥软,加盐调味,拣去姜葱供饮     附注: 若嫌羊肉膻味,可用一个小白萝卜切开入水与羊肉整块共煮十五分钟,羊肉取出切块煲汤

金宝牛尾汤     用料: 新鲜牛尾一大条,牛肉、椰菜各一百六十克,红萝卜、蕃茄、土豆各四百克,姜、青豆仁各四十克,砂糖二茶匙,清水适量     做法: (1) 牛尾斩段,汆水后洗净,入滚水锅;姜拍碎,入锅同煲红萝卜(胡萝卜)、土豆切粒,蕃茄切块,椰菜切丝,青豆仁洗净;牛肉刴茸,调味均匀牛尾煲约二小时半,下红萝卜煲半小时;加土豆、蕃茄,土豆软时调味,下椰菜(卷心菜)、牛肉煮滚,加青豆仁滚起即可     附注: (1) 牛尾要去皮后煲汤,味道更鲜,营养丰富如把椰菜先炸过再煲汤,可增加汤的鲜味

淮杞牛肉汤     用料: 牛腿腱肉四百八十克,淮山八片,杞子四汤匙,桂圆肉四十克,芡实半碗,姜二片,盐半茶匙,清水适量     做法: (1) 旺火烧滚清水,下姜片、洗净的牛肉,滚起后文火煲一小时放入其他材料,旺火复滚改文火煲至牛肉和其他材料均熟透时,以盐调味即可     附注: (1) 牛肉洗净后,宜放沸水中煮五分钟,再用作煲汤杞子应挑粒大,干身,结实,肉厚,色润者;圆肉即龙眼肉干,也称元肉,宜选片大肉厚无虫蛀者

花生牛肉汤(五-六人份)     用料: 牛腿腱肉六百克,花生仁一百六十克,淡奶一小罐,陈皮一小块,姜二个,红枣十二个,盐半茶匙,清水十四碗     做法: (1) 陈皮浸软,刮去内层;红枣去核洗净把红枣、花生、陈皮、清水同放直身瓦煲内烧滚,下牛肉烧滚后改文火煲三小时,至牛肉够软时,注入淡奶,以盐调味即可     附注: (1) 此汤补血奍颜,花生最好连衣煲煮 (注:花生生痰) (2) 牛腿腱肉即为牛的前腿瘦肉,肉质滑嫩,除煲汤外还可炒、炆、蒸等

大豆芽菜猪血汤     用料: 大豆芽菜四百八十克,熟猪血四百八十克,姜四片,花生油一茶题,盐一茶匙半     做法: (1) 大豆芽菜洗净,去根,切段;把猪血用清水洗净 (2) 炒锅烧红,(3) 下花生油,(4) 爆香姜片,(5) 下大豆芽炒香,(6) 注入清水旺火烧滚约三十分;下猪血,(7) 烧滚即成,( 加盐调味

腐竹白果猪肚汤     用料: 猪肚一个,瘦肉一百六十克,腐竹八十克,白果仁八十克,生薏米、熟薏米各半碗,马碲肉四个量,盐少许,清水适量     做法: (1) 先将猪肚上的脂肪去除,翻开用盐、生粉揉捏擦匀,洗净;再如法处理一次,洗干净,放滚水中滚片刻,取出再洗净 (2) 腐竹折段,(3) 白果去心,(4) 马蹄切(5) 片 (6) 用直身瓦煲烧滚清水约八成满,(7) 下猪肚煲约一小时,( 加入其他用料再煲一小时,(9) 捞出猪肚切(10) 片,(11) 与其他料同(12) 装碟     附注: (1) 汤料可用生抽蘸食 (2) 腐竹就是由豆腐皮加工制成的扁圆长棍状的枝竹,素食中常用

金银菜杏仁猪肺汤     用料: 猪肺一个,猪肉一百六十克,大白菜六百克,白菜干四十到八十克,南北杏共四十克,蜜枣六粒,陈皮一小块,清水十六碗     做法: (1) 陈皮洗净浸软;枣去核,白菜干浸软洗净;猪肺用水冲洗干净,切开大块,置烧红铁锅中(无油)爆过,再洗净,沥去水分 (2) 把杏仁、白菜干、蜜枣,(3) 陈皮与清水同(4) 放直身瓦煲内,(5) 旺火烧滚,(6) 下猪肺、白菜,(7) 再滚起时,( 改文火煲三小时     附注: 清洗猪肺时,可将连着猪肺的喉管套在水龙头上,一边灌水一边轻拍猪肺,用力搓,并倒去肺中污水,反复搓洗数次,最后再割破肺膜,把内外洗净、切块,放锅内爆过再煲汤

西洋菜猪胰脏汤     用料: 西洋菜六百克,猪胰脏三个,瘦肉二百克,南北杏共四十克,蜜枣四粒,新鲜鸭肫二个,盐一茶匙,清水十四碗     做法: (1) 先将西洋菜逐条摘除黄叶部分,洗净;猪胰脏略烫,刮白膜洗净蜜枣去核;南北杏洗过;鸭肫剖开,去黄衣,用盐、油擦匀,洗净用直身瓦煲烧滚清水,下全部材料;旺火烧滚后改文火煲三小时     附注: 此汤能去烦闷,除心火,健肺去痰,有利于呼吸系统有疾患者

蜜瓜猪踭汤     用料: 白蜜瓜二斤半(约一点五公斤),南北杏共二两(约八十克),瘦猪踭肉十二两(约四百八十克),清水适量     做法: (1) 将蜜瓜切开数块,去瓤把清水与猪肉、南北杏同放锅内烧滚,下蜜瓜,待滚起,改文火煲约三小时     附注: (1) 可买半生熟的蜜瓜煲汤 (2) 本汤有润肺功能

蛋卷白菜肉末汤     用料: 猪腿肉末四两(约一百六十克),咸猪肉片二两(约八十克),白菜十四两(约五百六十克),鸡蛋一只,上汤四两     调味料: A 麻油、姜汁各一茶匙,酒半汤匙,盐、胡椒粉各少许,栗粉二茶匙 B 盐、胡椒粉各少许,酒一汤匙     做法: (1) 猪肉放碗内,下A拌匀成肉馅鸡蛋打散,以盐调匀,摊成薄蛋皮,有其上撒少许干栗粉,中央放下肉馅,卷成蛋卷,放蒸笼用中火蒸约八分钟白菜放入盐滚水中汆软,取出;咸肉煮过,捞出取蛋卷切一厘米小段;白菜、咸肉均切五厘米长块,上汤加B调味将蛋卷排入扣碗底部,贴碗边排列猪肉片,白菜放入中央,注入汤至八成满,入蒸笼蒸约十五分钟,滗出汤,将菜倒扣入汤碗,再注入原汤即成     附注: 要蛋皮不破,可在蛋液中加少许栗米粉,再打匀摊皮

竹笋腌鲜汤     用料: 五花肉六两(约二百四十克),熟咸瘦肉四两(约一百六十克),熟竹笋八两(约三百二十克),姜二片,葱二根,韮菜半两(约二十克),绍酒一汤匙,清水六碗,咸肉汤二碗     做法: (1) 五花肉和咸肉分别切成长方片葱切段,韮菜切段,竹笋切滚刀片将五花肉放入锅内,加水、姜、葱、酒,加盖,旺火烧滚,撇去浮沫。改文火烧半小时,加入咸肉汤、咸肉片和笋块,烧滚再煲十五分钟,下韮菜,离火推匀     附注: 如不喜欢太咸者,把咸肉汤改清汤,加适量生抽。

Saturday, January 08, 2005

New Year is already here

eh..just come back from my vacation, had a really long vacation...but feel didn't do anything..hehe!! or that is what we should feel like??? doing nothing is just a great vacation?? haha!!!

hehe...don't feel writing now...will be back..haha!! i missed NY

I like this narrow way to the Coit Tower...feel like in the moutain..hehe!! specially after a rainy day Posted by Hello

Golden Gate Bridge...but..raining Posted by Hello