Friday, November 26, 2004

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Thanksgiving 04

this year, haven't had many parties, actually none at home, almost approaching the ending of 2004, we had our first party, the thanksgiving party at home, that is the first home made party after almost 2 years...kinda long, no?? hehe!!

this is my first time to make turkey, well, it's lots of work, have to make the brine a day before, have to put the turkey in it over nite, then give massage to the turkey, hehe!! and finally bake for almost 4 hrs...god...i wonder who invented to make turkey, that's lots of work!!! but after fighting with the turkey and all other food, our finally product, was great...taste really not bad. beside that big turkey, my roommate made lots other stuff, we had a variety of food, pumpkin soup, sushi, mashed potato, salad, pasta, and also we made teramisu...haha!! how wonderful cook we have at home, ah?? everyone was amased by our food..haha!! little exagerated..but...anyway!!

with all my closerest friends here at my house, we talked, we laughed, we ate, and we drank. it was a great time. hope that happiness will go with everyone all the time. this is not the new year party, but really want to say to everyone that i really appreaciate the time that share with me, to everyone. and hope everyone to remember the good time we had together. the time past by us leaving us remarks..but the one like this...should be the tops one..haha!!

oh well...the music is making me feel like i need home, need someone beside me... need someone to care about me, to love me, and to share with me. hehe!! some day!! in the future, if i can't find you, maybe i will continue my search in the eternal life.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Incredibles

fantastic movie, beside the movie was burned out, hehe...what a crack movie theater...but for being cheap, it's forgiven...hehe!!

anyway, the movie was so great, and so funny, the baby, the last part is the best... actually the theme is always the same, the good will always win, and the bad always end up dead...hehe!! the love, and family, the unity, and so on...but loved it...laught so much, want to see it again...

and my next target is finding neverland... it seems like a touching movie, i love that kinda movies, will go some day of these...

nite nite...need to sleep, will wake up tomorrow naturally, haha!! ^^

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


another moment of the day... dark in the night, one side have to study for the eco exam, but the other side kinda cannot concentrate...

today, in my english class, prof. mentioned a word which is very interesting, "separation anxiety". decribing ppl who are get terrified when come to the moment of separtion, usually they can't over come after a long period of time. that often happen to children.

after all these years...(well, eventually, i am not the one can say all the years, cuz there are lots more ppl who are older than me, they might kill me hearing this..hehe!! but who cares..) even i have lived alone since i am 18, and it's been quite long ago, still i don't like the separation. there are all types of separation, and i don't like none of them... none...

when i talk phone, with the one i enjoy talking, i hate to hang up the phone, i would prefer staying unconciously talking rather than hang it up. i don't like to go to the airport, i don't like to think that after that moment, i can't find that person in the city where i live, i don't like that feeling. my roommate is leaving me, she will move back to her country. after few years living together, i really don't want her to go, but, that's her life, and it's better for her, i wish all the luck for her, hope she can have a better life wherever she stays. looking forward to see her in the future. right now, she is sleeping next room to me, hehe!! ayumi cha... i will miss you!!

women's mind is so rared, started talking separtion anxiety, almost ended craying...don't know why, these days always wanted to cray...something is inside wants to come out, want to be exposured in this world, this beautiful life... as my previous post said, after all, it's still wonderful to be alive.

is it a gift from God that we can experience all kind of feelings? do we need to go through all of them? maybe the answer is yes, that is why we are still alive, that is why we are still standing here, waking up everyday in the morning, fighting our day to finish the journey...should i say struggle?? hehe!! maybe....

be strong girl, everything is going to be fine, nothing can make you weak, only yourself. believe in what you choose and what you do, somehow, Lord is still fair to everyone.

Monday, November 22, 2004

well..a day is still beautiful

hahaha!! can't bear, just saw a friend's blog... so funny,, he is always so funny... i was so mad, and unhappy today, but i think the day still can be enjoyed...

oh well...after all...our life is so short, and or day is going by so forget about what are you thinking, and be out of your mind for a day!!

good luck!

Monday, November 15, 2004

love their songs

recently from my friend, got some cds..and one of them, love it so much, it's a old group, that is not singing anymore, it's called Blackstreet, love the song "I wanna be your man", so lovely songs they have...super recommended...haha!!! makes me feel like in love...

Sunday, November 14, 2004

thinking and thinking...

one of my friend told me that women like think too much, they are not only thinking about theirselves, also about their men, they want to know everything about the men. they want to know what they are doing, what they are thinking. then my friend complains, saying that men need their time and world too, they need to hang out with their friends and watch beautiful women...hehe!! i laughed when he was saying that.

actually, not only men recognize that, women ourselves understand that. but the thing is even sometimes you know something is not right to do it, but you still do it. don't you ever experience that? that is why our need is stronger than our rite...haha?? is that true? eh...not really sure yet...

it's so interesting how men think and how women think what men think. it's a very difficult problem to solve, well, still trying to understand the procedures... can i say i am on my way of searching?? oh well, the journy is long and beautiful...or not??

Monday, November 08, 2004

thoughts of the day...

sitting in the train, watching all those people in it, how many stories are there inside of each of them? with no exception, i am one of them, having my internal conflict going on... thinking so hard, but don't get any solution. people say the time is the best solution for these kind of stuffs, but whenever you have to deal with it, even you really know what you have to do, you still cannot make it as good enough as you think.

inside that brain, there is a world totally different than this one. do we understand each other? i don't know, and i don't know if i ever gonna know it. resposibility, loyalty, independent, passionate, ingenues, pretty, sexy, inteligent, what the hell is men want? do they want all in one? sometimes really want to hide myself in a corner and cry out so loud that i will use all my energy, and die in once, then revive again in a new damaged world. todos son tan fragiles, uno tiene que torcerlo, romperlo, y alli pegarlo de nuevo para que se lo ve como antes, pero los mas roto que se encuentra, lo mejor va a estar.... que estupidez es eso, no cierto?? what happen to me?? am i getting crazy?? probabibly...

ok, enough for today...

Sunday, November 07, 2004

no puedo mas

"y yo daria todo por ti
yo, por ti me podria morir
dime que otra cosa yo puedo hacer
para conquistar tu corazon!!
por ti pordria morir"

what is life?

"Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get. "

--Forrest Gump

Monday, November 01, 2004

my dear friend's birthday!! had expensive salmon....and drank not delicious cosmo....hehe!!  Posted by Hello


el amor se viene y se va, ni siquiera nos avisa. pero perdida en la realidad, que y como es el amor que busco? un amor sin condicion? ese tal amor es bueno para quien da or para quien reciba? tantas veces pregunto a mi misma, como puedo entender al mundo de sentimento, pero hasta cuando lo voy a encontrar la respuesta?

gente dicen que es depende de uno como percibe las cosas, pero a veces no quiero entender, y es muy dificil de hacer lo que entiende. lo quiero a el, y el me quiere tambien, pero el amor entre nos dos es diferente. el es mayor que yo y tiene su hijo, creo que nunca me va a incluir en su vida, pero y que es lo que yo quiero de el? no lo tengo claro, pero a veces solamente necesito que el me quiera un poco mas...que me trate con un poco mas de carino, pero se que el no va a hacer, y se que no tengo que esperar que el lo haga...

la vida es hermosa, tenemos que disfrutar y apreciar a la gente que nos quieren, pero hay momentos que no podemos evitar para sufrir, para llorar y para ponernos en dolor. Dios nos hizo con sentimiento, lo hizo con proposito, para que humanos entienda que es sufrimiento, para poder de avanzar con aprecio con las cosas que tienen, y no ser ecoista de lo que tiene, deberiamos dejar las cosas de su forma de ser, si cosas viene, se iria algun dia.

por el amor de mi vida, lo voy a amar mi vida y dar mi amor a la gente que necesitan. Te quiero mucho, y espero que haga lo que haga, todo salgan bien.