Friday, October 29, 2004

so boring!!! in school!!!

oh my GOD!!! it's weekend, but really feel like nothing to do, you know what?? don't feel anything about Halloween...i was thinking to go to the party, but but but... now... don't have any costum, postpone it for next year...haha!!! have a birthday party tonite!! going out...but have to work tomorrow!! man!! don't know what i want to do!!

really boring, rite???

Thursday, October 28, 2004

boston won!!

can't believe that boston won the championship!! well... feel happy for them though!!! recently i have been so busy, that i almost lost my dates!! hehe!! one day woke up in the morning thinking what date was that... totally forgot the date~~~ want to take a vacation so badly!!! but have to wait until thanksgiven!!!

halloween is almost here... and friends birthday is the same day!! but don't think have the energy to go out....probably just stay home this year!!

ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! deep breath!! hehe!!^^

nite nite!! going to sleep la!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Digital life

wow.... my God... went to the Digital life show.. had lots of fun... wow... found out that blogger is part of the google company...hehe!! i had no idea about that!! and played games, fantastic contrl, really want to get one, then can do exercise at home.. fighting fighting every night!! haha!!and saw lots of interesting stuffs( cellphones, notebooks, organizers)....wanted to them all to home !hehe!! but lack of $$$$.... :-) can't do anything!!

enjoyed a lot... had a good day!!

Friday, October 15, 2004


哇!好不可思议的一件事哦。。虽然来这边两年多了,也有见到过几个柳州人,可是今天居然在我们学校碰到一个柳州的,而且也是留学生。。。天啊!老天对我可真好啊!!!年龄也差不多大!!真是件开心的事啊,真想把她叫来一起做螺蛳粉吃。。。呵呵!! 一开心连自己要睡觉都差点给忘了,累了一天,考了一天试,统统都给忘了!!哈哈哈哈!!现在真的要去睡觉了!!!